The difference between coaching and counseling is often the focus. Courtney spent years creating and working as a coach and consultant to attorneys, doctors, corporate leaders and students working on achieving greater authenticity and comfort presenting, interviewing and advocating in front of groups. If you find that you are overwhelmed by “stage fright” and that speaking to a jury or room of people creates panic and has you running the other direction, Courtney is the best resource to help you overcome those fears and realities and begin operating at your best.

Her background as a professional stage actress and partner in Basic Stages, coupled with her Masters degree in Counseling and experience as a LPC gives her a unique perspective and set of tools to help those dealing with social and speaking anxiety to overcome their fears and be more confident and successful.

The coaching protocol will be designed and discussed with a tangible timeline to meet specific goals. Examples of work done in the past are:

  • preparing executives at a Leadership Institute to create better videos for their marketing campaign
  • improving advocacy skills for upcoming trials
  • general presentation skills for corporate executives
  • Corporate in-house preparation for employees to improve their leadership and interviewing skills.
  • Practicing for college interviews and school presentations